The Universe is Generous. Wish Big.

I am making an effort to clean up my thoughts. What I mean by this, is that I’d like to start really focusing on everything I am grateful for, everything that is going right in the world, and what an incredibly alluring, stunning future exists in front of me.

Today, I started sketching out a future home. I started with a door with a rounded top. Then, instead of sketching a house, I found myself sketching a pool, a jacuzzi, a gazebo that seats 8 surrounded by colorful solar powered lights. I sketched out comfy, plush lounge chairs surrounding the pool. I drew a swim up bar, and the stone stools under water for seating. The outdoor fire is surrounded by plush love seats. There’s a cobblestone path that leads out to the pool area and then connects to a path leading to the gazebo. I wish I could spend more and more and more time outside. If every day could be a Harrah’s day, that’s what I’d want, with some creativity mixed into every hour–games in the pool, watercolor painting, a mini stage to put on shows.

I want to be outside relaxing. I can’t wait till the backyard I call home looks like the photo below… but with a bigger pool. And all those other details I wrote above 😉


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