Wonder of this World

I have come to this conclusion:

Our task is to continually go to great lengths to reveal the wonder of this world to one another.

We hung out with our friends all of Saturday–the entire day. We put away our phones, busted out some disposable cameras, and played music while we painted. It was an amazing day to disconnect from the internet and just be with one another and with ourselves. We watched Alice in Wonderland at night. We projected it onto a wall and we put pillows and a mattress on the floor and ate popcorn together. It was magical, and it reminded me of my childhood when I would build forts in the kitchen and beg my grandparents and parents to visit me inside the fort.

I feel the happiest when I am always showing other people how beautiful the world is. I think this is how I will try to live my life. Show other people things that you think are gorgeous. The world is stunning. We should stop and point and think, Wow, how lucky I am to live in this fantastical land. 


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