In the Movies

Don’t be the bad guy in someone else’s movie.

Instead, be the smiling, encouraging face in the back of the room for the too shy guy presenting in the front of the classroom.

Be the girl that helps up the kid that was just pushed down onto the asphalt on the playground.

Be the encouraging voice that tells someone they can do it, even when they’re crying and they feel that all hope may be lost.

Be the candle that turns the dark room into a space of light.

Don’t be the asshole that the good guy has to overcome. Don’t be the middle finger on the highway for the guy just trying to make it to the hospital to witness the birth of his first child. Don’t be the one who slams the door in the face of the single mother who just needed to wait for the sitter to get to this movie that would have been her only alone time for the month. Don’t be the snickering laugh in the corner of someone singing in public for the first time. Don’t be the bully that the good guy points at in the end as the guy who made him question all of his self worth.

Recognize you are a part of every single story of every single person you have, currently, or will encounter. You may get a moment, a flicker in a window. You may have years and years and years. Whatever you have, be the good guy in other people’s life movies.

And most of all, realize, that every day, you get to be the hero in your own life movie.

Skyler’s sold out Spoonful of Magic event tonight. He is the hero of his story tonight. For this moment, I will be the smiling face in the corner of the room.

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