The Amazing Race

By far, the most productive thing that I did during this spring break was finally submit an application to The Amazing Race for me and Skyler.

You can find our 3 minute video portion of the application here: Carol & Skyler for The Amazing Race!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that we miss out on just because we aren’t brave enough to try. The things we talk about over and over again and never actually get done because we have too many things going on with other aspects of our lives.

I don’t want to be so tired from the things that I have to do that I miss out entirely on the things that I want to do. I have discovered that this is the balance of adulthood. This is what separates those who are living happy lives from those who are angry at the world at every turn.

There are a few mantras that I say to myself (usually in my head, but you know, it’ll occasionally slip out loud too) over the course of a day. One that repeats itself like a chorus is:

Every day, every moment, we must grow our minds and grow our hearts. 

I actually remember the moment that I heard this too. I was at institute for teaching for Teach for America in Mississippi and I was walking to lunch alone. I heard two women talking about the big goals that they had for their elementary school classrooms, and one said, “I’m keeping it simple. Grow our minds. Grow our hearts.”

We’ve been watching The Amazing Race at home. Well, actually, we’ve been binge watching it. We started two days ago and we only have 2 episodes left. There are so many moments in the show that kind of distill what it is to be human. There are moments that hearts are grown as they help out opponents and moments that minds are expanded as they push themselves beyond their greatest fears and the limits that they think they have. As Skyler and I watch the show, there isn’t a single challenge we do not think we could do, which is exciting to us. We hope we stand out in some way to the producers!

Until we do, we’ll continue adventuring in our own way here at home. We’ll go exploring outside, and I’ll go dance and he’ll go climb. And when we’re at home, we’ll try new recipes, and have conversations we’d never had before. We’ll do what we’d do on the show right here at home: grow our minds and grow our hearts.

And possibly our bellies.

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