Springtime, And The Living is Easy

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged because basically, when school got out, so did my brain for the week. This past week has been full of relaxing, dreaming, meeting, and just figuring out what makes me happy and how I can get closer to that feeling every day.

I’ve met with professors from college and I’ve gotten some valuable feedback on a play I am working on called too much skin. It’s been a whirlwind of an exploration figuring out these characters and this plot, but it’s been a whirlwind that has felt like a really wonderful rollercoaster that I can ride for a very long time, if they’ll let me.

I’ve been doing a bit of cooking, a bit of dancing, a bit of playing too. There’s so much to do in life that I’m quickly discovering that the hardest thing about achieving your dreams is deciding what those dreams are. Figuring out what moments make you happy is important. I think that for me, documenting these moments is important too, so that I can keep looking for them in the world around me, so I can keep chasing the right things, keep walking in the right direction.

Lately, these are a few things that have made me happy:

Eating oysters and drinking white wine with Skyler after a successful day at the Bridal Bazaar.

Texting with girlfriends about themed dinners.

Going to aerial silks class with Jamie.

Dancing at the studio with a bunch of empowered, confident women.

Figuring out that if you toss the Asian salad mix from Ralphs, put it in a tortilla, and then air fry a fish filet, you’ve created a really, really delicious, addicting, Asian taco. We’ve eaten this two nights in a row because it is delicious.

Mimosas with fruit accompanied with vulnerable conversation from close friends who are like family.

Cuddling with Houdini.

Beaming with pride as one of my students goes from candidate to scholar.

Sleeping in.

Sleeping in, waking up, and then sleeping in again because we can.

Hearing a reading of my newest play too much skin and having it spark a lengthy discussion amongst the actors reading.

Finally finishing the first draft of my and Skyler’s dual magic & music show.

A picnic after sunset in the park with the roomies with a homemade dinner and lights that we brought there ourselves!

There’s so much to enjoy in the world. So much to do, to be, to become. We are always becoming something. What that something is depends on how we step forward every day, every moment.


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