My Ideal Home

I’ve been making a really big deal about dreaming recently. If we can’t dream it, how can we expect it to actually manifest and be real for us?

I think a lot about the space I want to live. I am having a great time in our current home situation with our roommates and our kind of communal style living. We love to share with one another and we value kindness and love in this home. I want those values to stay the same no matter what place I lay my head at night.

Thinking about my dream house is a really fun thing to do. These are the things I know are true about our future home.

  1. There is a lot of parking so that we can have a lot of guests over to break bread, share talents, and enjoy one another’s company.
  2. There is a bathtub in the master bedroom, and there are always bath bombs beside it.
  3. There is a large backyard where Houdini can run around and play. There are hammocks in this backyard so I can read leisurely as Houdini basks in the sun.
  4. There is a balcony either off the master bedroom or shared by all rooms on the second floor. This one is debatable just a tad, as Skyler see us in a one story home in the future.
  5. All the common spaces are colorful! Full of colorful paintings, tapestries, instruments, and other creative vibes.
  6. There is a good amount of light, so that Skyler can grow things in the house and in the backyard.
  7. There is a jacuzzi!!!!!!!!


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