I Want To Be Bored

It’s 8:56pm on a Monday where I had to go to Urgent Care in the morning and then could not go to work all day. I had all day where I could have written but did not. But I did find a new resolution that will start tomorrow.

When 7pm hits and I am at home, my alarm will get set, my phone will get plugged in, and I won’t touch it anymore until the next day when I turn off the alarm.

I know I won’t be able to follow this every day, particularly the days where I am not at home at 7pm, but I think I want to make the best effort I can to stop mindlessly filling my brain with just stuff. Most of the time I spend on my phone is hardly intentional or even personal. It’s mostly exhibiting the best parts of my life and staring at the best parts of everyone else’s.

I want to learn more. I want to get bored and see where my mind and heart take me when I’m not just consuming image after video after meme after short post. I want to get bored so my imagination can get set aflame.


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