Good Vibes Tribe

Yesterday, a few of us went to the Museum of What Love Tour in Encinitas and it was a blast. It was full of instagram worth photo ops which we did not hesitate to take. Jessica, Philip, Jamie, Skyler and I spent an hour just having fun seeing all the color and interacting with all the love.

Afterward, we went home and broke bread together along with a few other friends who popped over- Maddy, Hawkins, and Eddie. We laughed and told jokes and stories and played silly games. Skyler and I performed our 10 minute segment for the group. We admired the fish in the tanks together. We spent time.

I often think about Clarisse and her family in Fahrenheit 451, how when Montag walks her home, her house is the only one with lights on, the only one with laughter echoing from within in a world that is just staring at screens in the darkness. I think Skyler and I– and our friends– live in Clarisse’s house. We’re normally the only ones outside, the only ones laughing loudly past 9pm. I hope that we always live in a home like this, with a good vibes tribe always within it.

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