Work Hard & Be Nice

I reached out to a talented friend I knew a while ago about an education job, and she was kind but not overly excited about the idea of me applying to the job, and I began to feel sad about it for a bit, but then I realized that perhaps it is a sign that this is not the road I am meant to be walking down, that perhaps it is another distraction from the writing world that I crave to be part of, that I crave to work for.

Today was a really hard day at school. Kids were not the nicest that they have ever been and I was sad to see some things that I never thought I would see, things that were mean and lacked empathy and kindness and respect- things that are at the top of my list for things I want my students to have.

I posted an Instagram story about my greatest hopes for students: I hope they work hard and that they are kind. I want this for them more than I want them to love Fahrenheit 451 or love history or appreciate Shakespeare. It is all I really, really want for the students that walk through my classroom door. It is all I dream of for our future.

That is the world I want to live in- one where people work hard and are nice. This doesn’t seem like too much to ask but it seems to be more out there year after year.

If you are reading this, that is what I look for in people. It is all I want from my friends and family and people who I choose to spend time with.


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