Dreaming for Other People

Yesterday, I talked to one of my favorite people in the world, Cece, on the phone. We got to talking about our hopes, our dreams, our relationships, and  what is coming next for both of us. At one point, I was sharing with her that the one thing I’m sure about in the future is that I want Skyler to be successful with his magic. She shared some hopes for her fiance, Zac, and their life together, but then she said something that I think is true:

“Maybe it’s just easier to dream for other people.”

There is something very vulnerable and scary about claiming a dream as your own. It’s almost like you’re choosing this one thing, and you’re closing a million other doors in order to go through this one door. And maybe that’s why so many of us stay in lives where we are content. We’re standing in hallways with all of these doors that are possible to open. Maybe the people who are really successful and are really living meaningful, fulfilling lives, are the ones who take the chance, and sacrifice all the possibilities of all the doors in order to go through just this one.


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