Treat Yo’self

I’m currently getting my nails done with gal pal Jessica. I read some article a couple weeks ago about how girl time is good for the soul, and I totally believe it, especially when you have positive, rad, uplifting people in your life–people like Jessica.

I’m going to talk about Noom today! It is my new diet–I am always on one of them! This app is awesome and is probably the best weight loss thing I’ve tried, probably ever, because it doesn’t ever tell me NOT to eat or do something. It’s about changing my mindset and about learning moderation. In essence: do good, but treat yo’self once in a while.

Yesterday, the app had me read about how to curb cravings, and one of those ways is to satisfy the craving, but in moderation. I have a hard time with moderation, but I am more than willing to learn. So once in a while, have an ice cream. And while you’re at it, once in a while, go get your nails done.

Off to continue treating myself 😉

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