Watching 20 Feet from Stardom a couple weeks ago has launched me into a documentary/docu-series binge. I’ve watched both documentaries about the Fyre festival, am watching the National Geographic This Strange Rock with Skyler and most recently, have been watching these documentaries that have been delving into what it is actually like to work taboo jobs like escorting, stripping, and other adult entertainment.

Documentaries are such an interesting way to get inside a type of life I may never actually (or may never want to) experience. For me, all the documentaries above have been windows into lives that I don’t even have a tiny bit of understanding about, and my exposure to them has humanized experiences that felt so far away from my own human experience.

My students called me out the other day for watching “too many” documentaries, and I guess they’re right. I’ve definitely been on a binge, at least recently. However, their calling me out was interesting because it reminded me that I did not always enjoy watching documentaries. I wonder when exactly they became interesting to me. I wonder if my documentary binge is just starting, or if I will return to other more popular television, or for me, if I will return to watching sitcoms and trashy teen dramas.

I really hope my documentary binge isn’t just a binge and that I continue to get curious about others. I’m learning a lot, and it’s only made me hungrier to understand more people and more parts of our world.

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