We Are In Charge of Saving One Another

Sometimes, making myself write is really hard. The last few days in particular have been particularly challenging as the constant buzz of daily life and what must be done in order to survive gets louder and louder around me. The ordinary can seem so banal. The routines from day to day can feel so tedious. I know things are getting bad for me when getting up gets more and more challenging from day to day.

It’s no wonder I can’t really imagine what our perfect life looks like.
I’m too busy just want to sleep in with my husband and our dog.

Skyler is going to be on KPBS next month for a live tele-thon program for Jump Start a Life. We’re very excited about it and can’t wait to see him live on television! It’s gotten us thinking about the show that we want to develop one day.

There’s a thought in particular that I keep circling back to every time I begin thinking about what Skyler and I would talk about in a show that we were both part of. I don’t know if this thought will even make it into our show, but there is a yin and yang to our relationship that I think makes it such an easy one for both of us. We’ve come to this understanding: We are in charge of saving one another.

Knowing that I have the power to help people in other situations and actually acting with that power has been strangely liberating for me. Knowing that other people are out there who can help me through my trials and tribulations is comforting. This idea that we should be on our own, always independent, always self-sufficient is one that I find myself more and more resisting when I encounter it in daily life. Why should we go at this alone when we have the beauty of one another so close by?

And I don’t think that these are big acts of “saving”. I don’t envision myself jumping into a pool to save someone from drowning or running into a house on fire to get someone inside, though of course I’d like to think that I would be that person should the circumstances arise. I think they’re small acts of saving. The small recognition that you see someone’s hard work. The small nudge of, “Hey, I’m here for you,” that you give someone even if they never take you up on it. The humanity that we can infuse into the ordinary moments so that we can be reminded how extraordinary life together really is.

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