The Perfect Life

Skyler and I were talking the other day in the car and we came upon a curious thing: Neither of us knew what life would look like for us if it was “perfect”. There was a professor I met once at NYU that talked about the importance of fiction. If we can’t imagine it in fiction, how can we possibly actualize it in reality? We spent this weekend trying to imagine what our ideal lives would actually look, sound, smell, and feel like.

The thing is, we all know a couple things, I’m sure. We know we want to be happy. We want to know we want to be financially stable. But how specific is our understanding of these things? What does happiness actually look like? How much money would it take for us to feel financially stable? These were the questions that we spent a lot of this weekend grappling with. Here are the few things we did discover:

  1. We’d like to create a show using my writing and music and Skyler’s comedy and magic. It would be amazing to be full time creators.
  2. We’d like to be independent. We’d really like to be our own bosses one day.
  3. I want a hot tub and a pool one day.
  4. We’d like to travel a lot.
  5. We’d like to have kids one day.
  6. We’d like a one story house with plenty of parking for friends and guests and a huge backyard.

It’s an interesting thing to start to explore. We’ll definitely continue exploring and trying to imagine what our future will one day be.

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