From Pinterest to Plate

We cooked a couple recipes from Pinterest yesterday and we have to had chosen the most perfect recipes for our first Pinterest to Plate experience.

We made this Eggplant Hasselback:

And we made and devoured these broccoli fritters:

Both items were delicious and definitely things that we will be creating again. I’ve been on Pinterest for years now, and the amount of things I’ve pinned and actually created is definitely far less than I wish it would be. Thinking about that sad that thought, that I’ve sat there pinning things that never came to be and wasted time staring at ideas instead of creating them has been something that’s been weighing on me a lot lately.

It’s so easy to fall into a consumption only lifestyle. It’s so easy to hop on Netflix and sit in bed, to scroll mindlessly through Instagram, to think I’m being artsy by re-pinning cute things and delicious looking recipes on Pinterest. But push is finally coming to shove with me, and while I doubt I will stop watching Netflix or doing the social media thing, I am doing a serious re-evaluation of time spent on these things. If I’m pinning 5 recipes tomorrow, I should make at least 3 of them during this week. If not, I’m going to slow down my consumption of these things. It may mean finding one cool recipe and actually making it that night, instead of sitting in bed pinning over 30 recipes that I never actually get to eat.

Consume less. Create more.

I try to live by the motto above, but it’s hard. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it hard. If you’re one of those trying to create more and consume less and you’re falling into ruts or facing struggles, I’m with you. I see you. I’m here too.

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