Tonight, I went to my cousin’s bridal shower. I made a lot of flower crowns and I taught a lot of people how to make flower crowns. It was some flower power for a flower shower, for sure.

There was a moment in the evening where the married women of the group were asked to give advice to Jana, the bride to be. It started with the woman who had been married the longest, my grandmother. It went down the line and then it ended at me, a girl married less than a year, and the words that came out of my mouth were true, for sure, but not ones I had pondered beforehand. This is what I said (approximately- I am working from memory here):

Think about how many people exist on this planet. I look around this room and even in this space, there are people I haven’t been lucky enough to know or love yet. Just think about all the many, many people. I think about how many there are sometimes, and it reminds me of the sheer miracle it is for two people to find one another amongst all of it. It is a miracle we forget in the day to day, that you found someone who loves you the way he does, that you found someone you love the way you do. It is easy to forget how miraculous it is. I think the secret is to always remember that what you have found, what you have together, is a mystical, magical thing.

The second thing I would say is to laugh a lot. Play. Joke around with one another and don’t take things too seriously. We don’t fight much, and even when we do disagree, we look at one another, remember the miracle we are, shake it off, laugh and move forward. And we get the absolute freaking privilege of moving forward together.

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