Turning Off The Phone

Technology. I have such a love/hate relationship with all tech things that can fit into my pocket: Instagram, Facebook, texting, etc. I love that I can feel connected to my friends as they send one another quirky messages and photos back and forth. I love that I can feel connected to my mom as she sends me funny gifs or memes. But I hate that I take away phones on a daily basis at school. And I hate that when I get off of work, all I want to do is scroll mindlessly on Instagram or Facebook and see what I’m missing out on in life on other people’s stories and walls.

Last night was a beautiful sight as the Snow Moon rose above and illuminated the sky so fully and brightly. It was such a gorgeous view, and I wouldn’t have known about it if my teaching partner, Schwartz, hadn’t texted me to go outside. I would have sat in bed scrolling through Instagram. Instead, Skyler and I went outside, we lit a candle, we snuggled up in a blanket and we stared at the sky and talked about the life we wanted to live. We talked about things we no longer needed. We told each other we love one another. We smiled, and then, freezing, went back into the house, cuddled and got warm and went to sleep.

It makes me want to schedule evening times every time there is a full moon. Maybe on every full moon, we’ll sit on our front porch, have drinks, have phones plugged in inside the house away from our conversations and merriment, and just be. Be ourselves. Be with one another.

On March 20th, I will be with students at the theatre, and after we get out, I’ll point out the moon.

But on April 19th, I’ll be at home, having a glass of wine on our front porch, staring at the beautiful stars and the full moon rising. And you’re invited to come unplug from all the technology, and come have a drink with me.

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