Out of a Movie

Last night, we were at our friends’ house, and something really beautiful happened in the middle of our house gathering: Naomi and Jason got a very special phone call. They got the house that they put an offer in for! It was such a beautiful moment, and all of us were there to witness it. There was such a beautiful hug between the two of them in the middle of their staircase. Naomi had gotten the call. Jason was upstairs. She joyfully screamed, “Honey! We got the house!” and they met on the staircase, right in the middle with the most beautiful smiles on their faces, smiles that could have gone on for miles and miles. It was something directly out of a movie, and all of us were clapping around them in their current home, already planning what our first gathering at their home (with a pool!) would be like.

Yesterday, as I was blogging, I realized how little we really get from one another’s social media. We get these snippets, little bits and pieces from one another’s lives, and we somehow believe that we understand one another. In actuality, the photos, boomerangs, minute long videos, and captions are not just only part of our lives, they’re often not even the best part of our lives. They’re usually staged, snapped at the beginning of the night when makeup is still perfectly set, when you’re still self conscious enough to be sucking it in with the camera flashes.

But really, the best part of our lives are usually NOT photographed. It’s a moment right before a photo, when Skyler whispers that he loves me and I laugh. It’s a moment right after a photograph, when the group trips up trying to get unraveled out of one another’s arms, and we laugh. It’s the moment that comes halfway through the night, after we’ve all eaten far too much, with my fingers stained the red of spicy Doritos, when a phone rings and a husband and wife discover that they now own their own home.


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