Strange Dreaming

Last night, I had a dream that I was talking with a friend/co-worker at her house. As she was talking, I was nodding and smiling until I felt something strange in my mouth. I started to spit it out and I was spitting out my own teeth. It was the most uncomfortable dream I think I’ve ever had because it wasn’t particularly a scary thing, but it was strange and unusual, and it made me feel incredibly uneasy. I woke up and immediately googled my dream to see what it might mean, which isn’t something I normally do even when I do remember the stories of the night.

I found this article:

It has a bunch of different theories and I’m actually quite surprised by how many of the things feel true for me. Here are the ones that feel true:

  1. You need to eat a healthier diet: True story. I have been eating terribly. Just today, I had a bean and cheese burrito for lunch. The whole burrito, even though it was gigantic.
  2. Money issues are stressing you out: True story. Skyler and I are trying to save up for our July honeymoon. Paying down credit cards and living frugally has proven very challenging for us!
  3. The thought of getting older scares you: True story. I’m afraid of not being able to take care of myself, but admittedly, I’m growing into this idea more comfortably thanks to Skyler. If I’ve got to grow older, at least I get to do so with him by my side.
  4. You’re not feeling great about your appearance: True story. I got a pimple yesterday. I haven’t had one in a LONG time.

I think there might be something to the idea of our subconscious and what sits there brewing. Maybe I’ll look up my dreams a little more often. Hopefully, I get to keep my teeth!

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