“I Wish I Could Have Played Mighty Max Next To You Playing Polly Pocket.”

One of the sweetest things Skyler has ever said to me, ever, is the line above. When we were dating long distance and I was living in New York and he, in California, we talked a lot. I actually think that that year of separation is something that brought us exceptionally closer together because all  we could do is talk to one another and send each other things. Long distance is hard, admittedly, but I don’t think I would go back and change that time even if I could. We learned to appreciate each other in ways that I don’t think we would have been able to had we been closer together. We learned one another’s storytelling styles, and we learned how to appreciate stories that we didn’t always have the pictures for.

One of our conversations during that year, Skyler and I somehow got to the topic of 90s toys that we had played with. I shared my love for Polly Pocket, and how I used to carry my little Polly Pocket with me everywhere. Turns out, he played with Mighty Max a lot as well! We reminisced over the little intricate details of these tiny toys, and laughed about how we were little kids playing with similar toys and fawned over how cute the other must have been. And then, after a momentary silence after a breath of laughter, Skyler said seriously, “I wish I could have played Mighty Max next to you playing Polly Pocket.”

Last night, Skyler and celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together as husband and wife. We went to Avant at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, and it was the most spectacular four course meal with delicious wine, and an amazing cocktail at the beginning. Skyler’s Valentine’s Day present for me? A Polly Pocket set and a Mighty Max set for our future children. I cried immediately upon seeing the thoughtful gifts. Skyler is the only person in the world who can surprise me in such nuanced ways and I am beyond lucky to call him my best friend, my life partner, my husband. I love you, Skyler.

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