Just Take One Step

We’re full of so much power, it’s scary. Last night, I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram until my friend Carol Farrar posted something in her story that resonated with me because it was something I had seen before and put into practice a while ago. It was a list of smaller rituals that we could do during our day. Things like, “Thank the earth 3 times before you let your feet touch the floor” or “Imagine that each time you unlock a door, you are unlocking an opportunity.”

A few days ago, I was so wrapped up in the idea of not being exactly where I am meant to be. Last night, when Carol directed me to the place where she got this posting, I spent, I think, hours, scrolling through and realizing that maybe if I am questioning right now, I’m in a place of growth and awakening. I started to realize that if I wanted to change my life today, I could. I just need to take one step in the direction that I’d like to go. And tomorrow, I need to take another step. Each step I take will bring me somewhere closer to the destination that is awaiting me. A destination that I am sure is full of promise and adventure, and brand new beginnings.

The thing is that I’m not sure where I want to head. I think that’s actually the toughest part, trying to figure out which direction I need to start walking. When I finally figure that out, I know that I won’t just walk. I think I’ll be inspired to skip, hop, run in that direction. And I’m so excited to feel that feeling of running and not being tired.

Today, I spent some time thinking about what it is I DO know I want for my future. I made a mental list, and after writing this out, I will make a physical list in my notebook. One thing in particular is at the top of things I am sure of though: I want my freakishly talented husband find the success and acclaim he deserves as the incredible magician he already is. Skyler is insanely talented at what he does. I’ve never seen him fail to impress a crowd. I’ve seen children run to him. I’ve seen adults curse A LOT reacting to his sleight of hand. I have nearly fainted watching his incredible work. He’s more talented than I could ever describe. And the world should see it. The world should know it.

So today, I reached out to a few restaurants, requesting a meeting about possible partnerships for dinner/magic events. I just took a few steps in that direction. Tomorrow, I’ll take a few more. I’ll see where that takes us.

I hope you take a step toward the future you deserve too.

all my love


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