Sometimes, We Just Need Ice Cream

I’m not sure what it is about life recently, but it feels like every day, I just want to treat myself with some ice cream. There’s something sweet, lovely, and playful about ice cream that seems to help melt away some of the problems that I might face on the daily, even though it might help build new problems into my life, like extra weight I didn’t plan on gaining.

I feel like we’re living in a time where the words “self-care” are thrown around like sprinkles. Are you stressed out? Practice some self care! Are you feeling down? Come on, take care of yourself. Why are you feeling so overwhelmed? Don’t you build in self care into your schedule?

There’s an article that I read a few weeks ago that really hit me in the gut. It’s called How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation. If you haven’t given it a read yet, I highly recommend it:

There are sections throughout the article that just seem to stab at me like a dagger. I feel like I work SO hard. I work hard at work. I work hard at home. My husband and I both have side hustles, and we’re also trying to feed our creativity and not lose touch with the hobbies we’ve grown so accustomed to having as part of our lives. We feel like it isn’t fair that we should have to give them up. Because what are we giving them up for? More work? Sleep time or meditation that other people can point at and say, “Oh come on, there’s self care right there”?

Sometimes, I take a step back from my life and I wonder where I could have made a different move. I went straight into the teaching work force after college. Then, I got my Master’s in Education while teaching. I left teaching for a year and got a Master’s in Art. I returned to teaching, and then I now sit here wondering what would happen if I went back and get a Ph.D in teaching. Would that steer my life in a different direction? Would I end up exactly where I started, the way I did when I pursued my Master’s degrees? How can I predict accurately what a shift in my life could do?

These are all things that are constantly living in my brain, constantly making me question what the hell it is I’m supposed to be doing right here, right now. If I’m in the entirely wrong space. But for now, it’s lunch time. So I think I’ll go and get some ice cream.


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