Just Doin’ My Thing

Skyler and I have a lot of hobbies. In today’s world, it feels like to get any attention of any sort, you have to be really good at one thing and put all your time and energy into that one thing. Neither of us is like that. And neither of us buys that we have to give up all our interests to get very good at one. Luckily for Skyler, he’s spent so much time learning magic that it has become a language he speaks fluently without thinking about it anymore, so it seems like all of his focus is on magic even though he has a myriad of other interests and hobbies as well.

Skyler and I, despite what it may appear to look like on social media, actually spend a lot of time apart from one another.

On Mondays, I work with my improv students after school. I try to work on writing projects on Monday evenings and on odds and ends tasks that I have in life, like working on our HOA’s newsletter formatting. On Tuesdays, we typically have the evening together, though I try to spend at least some of my Tuesday evening working on some music or attending an audition somewhere. Wednesdays, I have dance and he’s usually in bed by the time I get home. Thursday, I have band practice. Fridays, we try to hang out with our friends. On Saturdays, I dance in the morning. Sundays, we spend our time together, with our morning usually spent at church.

Skyler is a great dad to our little Dini dog. He spends a lot of his time after work making sure Houdini gets some adventure in on his day. He spends several of the days of the week with a few of our friends rock climbing. He likes to play video games with our roommate. And of course, he does a lot of magic. With magic, there come the tricks, but there is also the business side of things that he tends to throughout the week making phone calls, answering emails, drawing up contracts, etc.

At the end of the day, though, Skyler and I snuggle up together in bed and I couldn’t be in more awe of all of the amazing things that we can do on our won, and all the magical things that we are able to create when we are together. We have a lot of To-Do lists in our lives. We want to write a show together. We want to get the world to play. We want his magic career to take off. We want the confidence that I get from dance classes. We want happiness.

We recently watched a Sex in the City episode where Carrie ends the episode asking when separate interests become separate bedrooms. It was a sad episode that left me reflecting on all the things that had gone wrong in former relationships.

But for me and Skyler, even though we spend time working on our own crafts, I am never left wondering what Carrie wondered in this episode. It’s not Skyler’s bedroom. It’s not my bedroom. It’s our bedroom and his arms are always going to be the arms I call home.

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